Month: September 2012

Installing git on CentOS and Dependencies hell

I was trying to install GIT on a CentOS 6.2 development server and ran into very odd problem: [cc lang=”text” escaped=”true”]# yum install git Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, priorities Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * epel: Setting up Install

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MySQL – Delete/Drop all tables with specific prefix

MySQL is great database especially for small and mid size web applications. You can do loads of stuff with it but not everything is possible with regular SQL query. Imagine you have a database and you want to delete set

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PHP Type Checking

Here’s a quick and dirty utility method for type checking an object or an array of objects. [cc escaped=”true” lang=”php”]/** * Ensure the object (or the first item in the * array of objects) is of the specified type *

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PHP Type Hinting – Good practices

Let me introduce you “Type hinting” Lets face it, PHP was thought and developed as a weakly typed programming language. But with more and more Object Oriented Approaches and structures introduced into PHP it needs to comply to certain rules.

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